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Pyrotechnics are potentially capable of creating ear-damaging sound, eye-damaging light, and airborne toxic chemicals.  While damage to the ears and eyes can be dramatic and obvious, an article published this month [check past issues] in the Journal of Pyrotechnics focuses on potentia; health problems from inhalation of the smoke.  Both indoor and outdoor pyrotechnics are used in a wide variety of locations such as theaters, theme parks, outdoor arenas, and both indoor and outdoor movie and TV filming locations.  For this reason, the article considers the hazards of indoor theatrical effects, consumer fireworks, and outdoor professional effects.  The article also includes some very basic material which is well-known to pyrotechnicians, but may be helpful to readers from the theatrical and entertainment industries.  Copies of the article can be obtained from ACTS FACTS for postage and copying costs of $2.50.  Journal of Pyrotechnics, M. Rossol, Issue #3, Summer 1996, pp. 14-21  Reprinted with permission from ACTS FACTS 181 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012-2586, Vol. 10 No. 08. Pp. 02  M. Rossol, editor

                               ACCIDENT, 9-05-2010;, 9-07-2010; dozens of other sites, Transformer 3’website & Facebook page for Gabriella Cedillo

A beautiful aspiring actress, Gabriella Cedillo, was working as an extra on location for a production called Transformer 3’ in the Chicago suburb of Hammond, Indiana.  She was asked to step in as a stunt person and was driving a car in a scene.  A cable under tension snapped and shot through the windshield hitting her in the head.  She was transported by helicopter to a hospital.  At last report, she was still in a medically induced coma as she is recovering from brain surgery.

That was a month ago*.  A search on the Transformer 3’siate showed plenty of advanced advertising for the movie, but no mention of her current condition.  No press updates could be found using Google either. On a Facebook page set up by friends, the most recent entry was September 30 from someone asking the same question:  “How is she?”  There was no answer.  If anything should convince you not to take risks, just think about how quickly Transformer 3’ got back to advertising and the press forgot all about this poor woman.  Take care of yourselves.**

Reprinted with permission from ACTS FACTS 181 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012-2586, Vol. 10 No. 08. Pp. 02  M. Rossol, editor


*This article appeared one month after the incident.


**A note from IFPAM: This article hit home with us.  First thing that came to mind was the horrible event of Broadway’s Spiderman.  Here again, a cable snapped and a performer became seriously injured as a result.  Of course this young man stated he believes in the performance. He’d probably get fired if he didn’t say so.  Be informed and stay proactive about safety.


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